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A drop in the sea


students help fund the following social initiatives:  

Their fees help contribute to the AMREF "Acqua" project. AMREF supplies water, makes wells, cisterns and water tanks, helps protect water sources, and promotes education and training for more hygienic practices and sanitation. Clean water means life. Clean water means social and economic progress.

We support Save the Children - Child sponsorship program as we follow the growth of a child, helping to improve living conditions for the child, their family, and even the whole community.

We also provide assistance to the Emergency aid program “Adopt a hospital” through which we support the Anabah Maternity Centre in Afghanistan, which had appalling levels of infant mortality until recently. Funding goes toward improving the obstetrics and gynaecology departments as well as the nursery, including emergency and operating rooms, intensive care for newborns, a storeroom and office, and two new wards.


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