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All classes take place on the school premises, Mondays to Fridays. Intensive Courses are usually held in the mornings; Extensive Courses in the evenings.
Courses can also be arranged at different times, available on request.
Classes can take place on site at via La Spezia, on company premises, or at other locations, also available on request.




Intensive courses
4 academic hours a day, Monday to Friday

1 week 20 ac/h 190 Euro
2 weeks 40 ac/h 360 Euro
3 weeks 60 ac/h 490 Euro
4 weeks 80 ac/h 640 Euro
additional week
20 ac/h 125 Euro

10% to 40% discounts
from the price of the two-, three-, four-week
and longer courses for the students of Italian Cultural Institutes and
of the universities-partners with Scudit
click here.



Intensive Semester
4 academic hours a day, Monday to Friday, 24 weeks

24 weeks 20 ac/h per week 2.380 Euro
additional week
20 ac/h 90 Euro




Superintensive courses
                  6 academic hours a day: 4 in group + 2 of individual lessons daily
Monday to Friday

1 week 30 ac/h 485 Euro
additional week
30 ac/h 460 Euro

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Individual lessons
(or lessons for small groups)


10 academic hours

1 person 350 Euro
2 persons 390 Euro
3 persons 450 Euro


20 academic hours

1 person 680 Euro
2 persons 765 Euro
3 persons 890 Euro

additional academic hours

1 person 32 Euro
2 persons 36 Euro
3 persons 45 Euro


Meeting times, location, and program of study to be agreed upon with the students concerned according to their requirements
In case of lessons outside the school premises, an extra should be paid to cover the teacher’s travel expenses


Extensive courses
           2 academic hours a day twice a week
Extensive courses are not available from June to September

12 weeks 48 ac/h 290 Euro
24 weeks 96 ac/h 540 Euro
36 weeks 144 ac/h 790 Euro

courses are available only upon the enrolment
of not less than six students per group.
The lessons take place in the evening.
Start dates:
October (courses of 12, 24 or 36 weeks)
January (courses of 12 or 24 weeks)
April (courses of 12 weeks) 






The group courses usually start every two weeks. If you prefer to start on dates different from those mentioned in the
 calendar, please contact us.
The course price includes one extra-curriculum activity a week (conference, presentation, film or guided tour): click.
We have groups of not more than 12 students and that only during the ‘high seasons’. Usually the groups are of five to nine persons. 
The studying materials necessary for a lesson are distributed by the teachers free of charge. For those who are interested we can advise some books but it is not obligatory to buy them.
An academic hour (ac/h) equals 45 minutes. After every two academic hours we make a 15-minute ‘coffee-break’.
The school provides free wi-fi to the students.
The enrolment fee is Euro 50 and is valid for 12 months.
We provide courses for all the levels from A1 to C1. For the C2 level we would advise individual lessons.
If you need accommodation in Rome for the duration of the course, click here.
To enrol click here.
Scudit issues, upon request, enrolment certificates, attendance certificates and proficiency certificate with the indication of the language level.  


If you need other information or further details, do not hesitate to contact us.
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