1.1 In order to reserve their participation in the course the students are required to send the enrollment form online to Scudit Scuola d’Italiano at the web page or send a hard copy of the form by post or fax.
1.2 Scudit Scuola d'Italiano does not normally request a payment of the course in advance, nevertheless it can provide a document testifying to the fact that the participation has been reserved for to those students wishing so.  In cases where students have to document the effected enrollment with the scope of obtaining the entrance visa for Italy it is necessary to carry out an advance payment of the participation fee. In other cases the participation fee can be paid directly to the
School within the first three days of lessons.
In the event of payment in advance the wire transfer is to be effected to the following account:


Deutsche Bank S.p.A.

Largo Brindisi no. 20 Roma

Via La Spezia 34
00182 Roma
Bank account details:
IBAN: IT52U0310403210000000821780


Account no.: 000000821780

1.4 Should a student who has already paid the participation fee cancel his/her enrollment, the reimbursement of the fees paid will be carried out in the following manner: the cancellation effected within 30 days prior to the course starting date: total reimbursement (incidental banking costs excluded); cancellation effected within 15 days prior to the course starting date:  50% reimbursement (incidental banking costs excluded); the students cancelling the course following the stated terms have no right to any reimbursement whatsoever. In any case, there will be no reimbursements made of the fee paid after the start of the course.
1.5 Individual lessons ought to be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled term.


2.1 Scudit Scuola d'Italiano accepts automatically enrollments made by students who have turned eighteen years of age. In order to enroll students under eighteen years of age it is necessary to have a preliminary interview with the responsible personnel from the didactics department.
2.2 A preliminary interview is indispensable also for acceptance of enrollments made by students who are not familiar with the letters of the Latin alphabet.
2.3 The intensive courses for groups take place in the morning or afternoon hours. The arrangement of the classes is established by the school directorate on the first day of the course in line with the organizational requirements. However, in majority of cases the intensive classes for the groups are held in the morning throughout the year. 
2.4 During the first 90 minutes of the intensive course students are required to take a test aimed at evaluation of their linguistic level (the students categorized as absolute beginners on the other hand start with the lessons immediately without being subject to a test).
2.5 Every 14 days the classes may be re-configured based on the teacher’s evaluation of the linguistic competences acquired by students.
2.6 Students who arrive late to the class may enter the classroom only after the break between lessons.
2.7 The university students who wish to obtain a certificate of participation in the course have to attend at least 68 hours/lessons out of 80 (85% of the course).
2.8 The free guided tours are held only if the number of participants is not less than 10 persons.
2.9 During the days of “Festa Nazionale” the lessons are temporarily interrupted.
2.10 The school bears no responsibility in the event of loss of personal items and in particular it bears no responsibility for the relations between the students and the owners of the  accommodations indicated.
2.11 The students have to independently provide for the insurance coverage, if they wish so, in cases of illness or accidents. Citizens of the EU are however entitled to health assistance free of charge upon submission of the E111 form. 


3.1 The arrival to the accommodations provided for by the school is expected on Sunday prior to the start of the course; the departure takes place on Saturday following the end of the course, at 10 am.
3.2 The apartments are entirely intended for the students of the school or may be occupied by the owner at the same time. In any case, this is not the accommodation in famiglia (meaning that one does not share lunch, dinner or any other activity with the owner). Each person has his/her privacy and personal responsibility for the apartment.
3.3 Bathroom and kitchen are shared: each student is required to keep them clean after having used them in order to allow for the use of the same by others. Cleaning of the rooms and communal spaces is the responsibility and duty of the students.
3.4 In the event of any type of malfunction in the apartment it is necessary to inform the owner who will see to the repair within the appropriate time. Students are held liable for any damage caused to the objects and items resulting in payment of damages incurred (the owner may ask for a preventive deposit).
3.5 The relationship between the student and the owner of the apartment is a direct one: the school assures merely the adequacy of the accommodation. The payment is carried out at arrival directly to the owner of the house. If the student is not satisfied with the accommodation s/he may refuse to accept it upon arrival, but once accepted they are obliged to pay the entire fee agreed upon.
3.6 It is strictly forbidden to accommodate friends or acquaintances in the apartment and in particular have them sleep over in one’s room without previously obtained approval by the owner of the house.
The violation of this rule leads to immediate removal of the guest without reimbursement of the fee paid.  

3.7 When using the communal spaces, one is expected to use common sense (avoid using the kitchen in evening hours, listening to the music at a high volume, needlessly wasting the hot water boiler when other tenants need to take a shower, using thoughtlessly electric appliances, failing to meet the rules of condominium, etc.). One of the tasks of the guests of the apartment is disposing of the garbage every day in the green dumpsters located on the street.

If you need other information or further details,
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