Studying (and teaching) a language in its own country is quite different from studying (and teaching) it abroad. Scudit Scuola díItaliano goes to great lengths to make use of the opportunities of studying Italian in Italy and ties in teaching with the integration of students into Italian life and customs.
English is studied because it is the standard language of international communication. Italian, on the other hand, whether it is studied for tourism, business or just for general interest in Italian culture, is always studied with the aim of integration into the Italian "way of life". Thus it is essential that the teaching of the language informs the students of the attitudes, interests and knowledge of the Italians. 
Furthermore Italian is not normally a studentís second language; it is his or her third, fourth or even fifth language. Consequently our teaching methods take into account that our  students are often very sophisticated in their language abilities and cultural interests.
Great stress is therefore laid on the spoken language (unless there is a specific request for an in depth study of written Italian). We concentrate mainly on getting the students to speak, and less importance is given to comprehension, because, as they are staying in Italy, the latter automatically develops outside lesson time in their everyday life. We continually assess the needs and difficulties of individual students and we obtain excellent results thanks to our highly motivated, experienced and talented team of teachers.