What is the standard of the apartments? 
The apartments are mainly student flats, usually for students who come to Rome. The rooms are basic, clean, and have all the comforts needed for a pleasant and affordable stay. If the landlord/landlady lives in the apartment, the standard is usually higher.
What is a “single room in an apartment”?
If you get a single room in an apartment, you will be living with other students and sharing a bathroom and kitchen.
Can I stay in a double room?
If you come to Rome with someone else, the school can find a double room for you. If you come on your own, you can book a place in a double room. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find someone who wants to share that room with you.
Who will I be sharing with?
That depends. They could be other students at our school, or you might be sharing with the apartment owners, or with the owners as well as other students.

If the owners live there, is it considered “family accommodation”?
No. The owner will give you his/her house keys and share the bathroom and kitchen with you. You will be independent and generally free to come and go as you wish.

What do I find in the apartment?
Bed, wardrobe, table, sheets and towels (however, guests are usually advised to bring their own towels). Each apartment has a fully furnished kitchen and usually a washing machine. Air conditioning, internet connection etc. are not guaranteed.
Is the apartment near the school?
The apartments the school organises are fairly close. It usually only takes one means of transportation to get from your apartment to the school. The earlier you book, obviously the easier it is to find a better positioned apartment.
Do I have to stay in one of the apartments recommended by the school?
Definitely not. You are free to choose your own accommodation.
What happens if the apartment does not meet my expectations?
The school will send you all the information on the apartment before your arrival, so there should not be any “nasty” surprises. If you are not completely satisfied with the apartment, you can decide not to take it, but you must decide immediately - the day you arrive. The owner collects the rent for the room on the same day of the student’s arrival, and once the money is paid, it will not be refunded.
When can I take the room and when should I leave it?
Your arrival is expected on the Sunday before the start of the course, you will have to leave the room on the Saturday after the course finishes.

Who is in charge of the cleaning?
You are responsible for cleaning your own room. Each person will clean up after using the common areas, wash the dishes after eating, and clean the bathroom after using it.
Can I use the kitchen whenever I want?
Yes, as long as it is done with a bit of common sense and without disturbing others.
Can I stay one day longer? Can I arrive one day earlier?
These apartments are only for the school’s students, and follow the school calendar. If you change your dates, the owner would not have time to get the apartment ready for the next students coming. There is more flexibility during our “low season”, but close to impossible during our “peak season”.

If I am not enrolled in a course, can I ask the school for help to find a place?
Not really, because our services are primarily for those enrolled in Scudit courses. 
Can I have friends over?
Only with the owner’s consent.
Can I have someone in my room for a couple of days?
No. The rooms are strictly for our students’ use. Anybody sleeping over would break Italian law. If the owner gives consent to this, they will have to photocopy the new person’s documents and give them to the police.
Does the price I pay include everything?
Yes. However, please try to use the electricity sparingly, as it is rather expensive in Italy. The owner can ask for extra money only if the students require extra facilities (use of the Internet, use of air conditioning, a cleaning service etc.).
Is there anything that is explicitly “forbidden”?
Only having guests sleeping over. Anything else is a matter of common sense and respect. Please observe the rules of the building (condominio) and don’t disturb the other inhabitants of the building (people usually complain over loud music, excessive noise, washing machines going at night, lift doors left open).